MALI Museum Lima

The archive is that which is excluded from circulation in the present moment, but which could begin to circulate at any time. (Jürgen Fohrmann)

1. Museum as random-access memory device
A random-access memory device allows data items to be accessed in almost the same amount of time irrespective of the physical location of data inside the memory. (from Wikipedia)
2.Multitude of spatial states - Flexibility of spatial configuration
3.Interactive Visitor Experience
4.Flexible spatial boundary

Competition 2016, Honourable Mention among 387 participants from 56 countries

Heike Matcha and Günter Barczik
with Farzad Akhavan

Artistic, Conceptual & Curatorial Consultant: Yvonne Wahl, Berlin
Visualizations developed in collaboration with Darstellungsart, Erfurt

BauNetz Entry.

Night View: Exhibitions, Bars, Concerts and other Events

Day View: Exhibition and temporary educational and workshop spaces

Day View Close Up: Changeable spatial layout and sunscreens

Night View Closeup: Open public space, glass doors sunk into ground

Building Diagram: Open public space, sun screens, glass facade

Space frame. Moveable Exhibit boxes all raised

Space frame. Moveable Exhibit boxes partially raised & lowered

Space frame. Exhibit Boxes movement controlled by curators + visitors

Cross Section showing relationship to existing palace